San Diego Home / Garden Lifestyles article

“Anatomy of an Artist, Q & A with Joyce Cutler-Shaw”, San Diego Home / Garden Lifestyles Magazine, October 2008, pp. 36 – 41, with permission.

“For more than 35 years Joyce Cutler-Shaw has created multimedia work that has enjoyed international exposure, from Balboa Park to Beijing. Her wide-ranging oeuvre includes drawings, installations, public projects, artist’s books and performance. ┬áNotable projects have included her alphabet of bones, a calligraphy based on the hollow bones of birds; sculptural word poems carved from ice; and three installation pieces for the Mission Valley Library, highlighted by the award-winning Sycamore Leaf Canopy. ┬áHer groundbreaking arrangement with UCSD School of Medicine as a visual artist-in-residence has resulted in a body of work known as The Anatomy Lesson.”

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